March 8, 2014

                                                                                                                                   BOWDOIN 5   TRINITY 4

                                                                    Sean Orlando, Joey Horak, Jimmy Burt, & Ryan Cole score for Bantams
                                                                            John McGinnis has three point night for visitors


The Trinity College Bantam Hockey Team ended a wonderful season in the NESCACS' Semi-Final game in a hard fought loss to Bowdoin 5-4 at home.  The Bantams fell behind 4-1 with less than four minutes to play in the second before Joey Horak and Jimmy Burt pumped life into the Bantam squad with two key goals heading into the third period.  But Bowdoin struck back to go up 5-3 and a Ryan Cole score with only 42 seconds left on the clock was the last goal the Bantams would score in their 21-5 season.

     Bowdoin--which went on to win the NESCAC Playoff title--got goals from John McGinnis (2), Harry Matheson, Chris Fenwick, and Connor Quinn.  They were up 1-0 heading into the second when Trinity's outstanding freshman, Sean Orlando, scored a beautiful short handed goal unassisted to knot the game up at the 3:40 mark of the second.  Orlando stole the puck deep in his end and made a nifty rush up the left side of the ice and stuffed it into the Bowdoin net.  The home crowd went crazy.

Sean Orlando scores beautiful SH goal to make it 1-1

             Sean Orlando tugs jersey for crowd

Ryan Cole Scores with 42 seconds remaining in the game

        Orlando's goal got the home team rocking but three goals by the visitors put the Bantams in a 4-1 hole.  Then Sam Johnson got a pass at the right point from Captain Will Gray and let go with a blast that was deftly deflected by the St. Louis Flash--Joey Horak--to make it a 4-2 score with about three minutes to play in the second period.  Horak skated into the puck and stuck out his stick to deflect the puck past the Bowdoin netminder.  The home crowd went crazy again.  Johnson and Gray had assists on the goal.

Joey Horak celebrates great tip in goal

    Three minutes later the crowd was about to explode when Elie Vered and Jimmy Burt hooked up to score one of the most electrifying goals of the season.  There were seconds left as Liam "Skip" McKillop led a charge up the right side of the ice and hit Burt in stride.  The big right winger from Hamden, Ct. let go with a hard, low wrist shot that was handled by Bowdoin net minder, Max Fenkell.  There were 1.9 seconds left in the period, the Bantams down 4-2 and Vered and Burt consulted as to who was going to take the face-off and how these two sophomore roomies were going to play it.

    Vered, out of Toronto by way of Kimball Union, told Burt he'd take the draw and get it to him. The big righty was ready to let go with a quick, hard slap shot.The puck was dropped and the quick handed Vered drew the puck to his roomie.  Burt waited as the puck bounced towards him and let go with a blistering shot that was in the back of the net as the horn sounded.  If the crowd had gone crazy for the Orlando and Horak goals, they went ballistic for this one as the Bantams headed to the locker room down only one with momentum clearly on their side.

1.9 seconds left as Vered, Burt and others get ready for FO

Elie Vered wins face off to Jimmy Burt who is ready to shoot

        Jimmy Burt fires home a last second shot--Goal!

Jimmy Burt takes a goal scorer's ride as fans celebrate

     Jimmy Burt arms raised high is mobbed by teammates

   Vered gets a well deserved hug and ride from Burt after goal

    The third period saw both teams score a goal with Ryan Cole getting a down low pass from Burt late in the game to make it 5-4 with forty seconds remaining.  It was not meant to be this evening for the Bantams who completed a wonderful season and look forward to next year.





                                                                                                                                                    March 7, 2014


       Cassie Cadden & the Ivy Club Women

                Rob "Bubba" Lebel's Framed Pictures for Seniors

                    Senior Night Cake

Burtsville hopes that you young men enjoyed your time at Trinity College and that you had fun playing hockey on the Men's Hockey Team. Thank you for all you have done for the school and the program.  We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

                                                                                       Ben Coulthard & Family

                               Captain Will Gray

                                 Charlie Mullan

                                    Larry Bero

It was wonderful spending the last two year seeing you guys play and speaking to you around the rink.  And it was a pleasure seeing your families and spending time with them at home and on road trips.  You all will be missed.

                                                      The Ladies

                                                The Gentlemen

The boys......

    Avery Heilbron visits with Brian, T.J. & Brandon

            Ranfone Training Systems Pupil

                         Charlie Mullan

Enjoy from Burtsville!

                                                                                                                                          March 7, 2014

                                                                               Jackson Brewer Named NESCAC Player of the Year
                                                                                    Ryan Cole Named NESCAC Rookie of the Year
                                                                               Mike Hawkrigg & Mike Flynn join in First Team Honors


The Trinity College Bantam Hockey Team has much to be proud of this season.  It has won over twenty games (21-4 presently) which is the most wins  the team has had in almost 10 years, it is ranked 6th in the Nation among D-III schools, and it is ranked #1 in the east among D-III schools. The team has been outstanding all year long and the NESCAC Conference has bestowed some prestigious honors to many of its' players.


Congratulations go out to Jackson Brewer who led the Conference in scoring with 56 points (14g, 42a), Mike Hawkrigg who led the Conference in goal scoring with 22 and had 30 assists which was good enough to be the second leading scorer in the Conference, Ryan Cole who was third in scoring with 47 points (18g, 29a), and Mike Flynn who led all Conference defensemen in scoring with 28 points (7g, 21a).  All four of these fine players were named to the All-Conference First Team.  Well done gentlemen.  Well deserved.  Congratulations to you and to your parents and to the entire Bantam Team.


And to top off Conference Honors, Jackson Brewer was named Player of the Year and Ryan Cole was named Rookie of the Year.  These honors were the first time players on the Trinity College Bantam Hockey Team received such wonderful--and deserved--recognition.  Congratulations to Jack and Ryan on receiving such presitigious honors and recognition.


Rounding out the First Team were Lou Belisle from Middlebury who capped off a fine career by making the team in his senior season and Williams' goalie Sean Dougherty who has been outstanding for three years in the NESCAC's and will be entering his senior year in the fall.  Congratulations to these fine players and to their parents and member insitutions.  And Congratulations to Coach Jim Ward of Conn College who garnered Coach of the Year honors.  Well done gentlemen!!!

                                                                                                                                            March 1, 2014

                                                                                                                      TRINITY COLLEGE 9      WESLEYAN 1

                                                         Playoff Primed Bantams Smother Cardinals behind Jackson Brewer Six Pack Assist Night
                                              Mike Hawkrigg Six Point Game (2g,4a) Mike Flynn & Sean Orlando Score Twice Each
                                                      Will Gray Backhands in Game Winner and Elie Vered Fires in Power Play Goal
                                                                                   Ben Coulthard Outstanding in Net
                                         Wesleyan's Keith Buehler--one of the best ever in the NESCACs--scores in final collegiate game

   Mike Hawkrigg fires it home after Brewer Pass

Will Gray (over Ref's rt. shoulder) backhands in GW

      Mike Flynn at Point Watches Shot go into the net

The Trinity Bantams' nationally ranked squad was simply too much for the Wesleyan Cardinals on Saturday afternoon in Hartford. The team's first line--as dominate a line as Burtsville has seen in years--was as dominate as they have been all year.  Jack Brewer was flying, Mike Hawkrigg was firing and Sean Orlando was doing what he does best--everything.  It is hard to imagine a line having a better game as they simply were unstoppable.

Hawkrigg fired in two goals. Each time he was set up by linemate Brewer, who despite the long mane of hair flowing down his back, sees an ice few players ever experience. The kid all year long has found his linemates and fired beautiful passes setting up fine scoring chances.  And Riggy knows just what to do with those passes.  While Burtsville is sure he has other plans in mind, one has to think he'd make a fantastic grave digger because the kid does nothing but bury the pucks distributed to him by good old Jack.

 Benny "The C" Coulthard with the Save!

      One of the NESCACS All Time Best--Keith Buehler

                Benny makes a Fair Catch

And the Hawk gives as well as receives as the rugged forward dished out a healthy four assists himself as these two along with freshman Sean Orlando combined for some 17 points on the day.  And when Orlando and Hawkrigg are covered, All-Conference Defenseman Mike Flynn knows how to sneak down for the back door play for which Brewer may as well have patented his pass. He set up Flynnie again on Saturday for one of his two goals as the Bantams simply had everything clicking.

Keith Buehler's Dad reflects on son's wonderful career--You both will be missed by the NESCACs

Will Gray chipped in with a remarkable Back-Handed Goal which proved to be the game winner. Elie Vered scored on a beautiful Power Play wrist shot with Jimmy Burt screening Dawson Sprigings in front of the net.  Benny Coulthard was outstanding in net and the home team heads into the semi-finals this Saturday against Bowdoin at 4:30 PM.  Prior to this game Amherst and Williams go at it beginning at 1:00 PM with the winners playing each other in the NESCAC Championship Game at the Koepell Community Center Rink in Hartford on the campus of beautiful Trinity College.  Coulthard had his best game of the year only losing his shutout late in the third after making several outstanding saves.

            Elie Vered was flying all day

            Jessica & Greg--Thanks for coming to the game!!!!

     Sprigings watches Orlando-Frosh Magic Xs 2

While Wesleyan ran into a smoking Bantam squad on Saturday, it was nice to see that their Captain and last year's Conference Player of the Year, Keith Buehler, score a goal in his last collegiate game.  Beuhler is one of those talented, hard-nosed players who goes hard both ways all game long.  The kid suffered through injuries his entire senior year but gutted it out to provide leadership to his Cardinal squad.  His dad--like so many parents--would watch his kid with a smile on his face and pride in his heart--and was a pleasure to get to know over the past two seasons.  Good Luck to Keith as he pursues his intererts after graduation.  You had a great career and will be able to look back fondly we're sure on your college playing days. 


                         He Scores

                               He loves

             He Flies--Are you really surprised?

Way to go Jackson!!!!!

All of the pictures taken this year by Burtsville can be viewed at www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterfly.com.  We are presently uploading pictures from the Middlebury February game and will continue to upload pictures daily until all of them have been uploaded.  There will be close to 40,000 pictures taken from the Bantam Games this 2013-2014 season. Enjoy!

                                                                                                                                     February 23, 2014


              Mike Hawkrigg fires in another goal!

                                                                                                                                             February 14-February 22, 2014

                                                                            Trinity College Wins Regular Season Title Running Table in last four games

                                                                                                            Trinity College 8 Wesleyan 5

                                                                                               Jackson Brewer 5 Assists leads Bantams in Offensive Shoot-Out
                                                                                               Ben Hjalmarsson 2 g, Mike Hawkrigg 2g, Mike Flynn & Sean Orlando Score
                                                                                               Paul Burns fires in goal for Bantams as does Ryan Cole

                                                           No Pictures were taken at this game by Burtsville.  The pictures below are from the prior three games.

                                           Coveney Beauties

                                               Brewer Beauties

                                       Shea Beauties


                                                                                                           Trinity College 2 Wesleyan 0
                                                                                                           Ben Coulthard Pitches Shutout
                                                                                                          Welcome Back Conor Coveney!!!
                                                                                                              Ryan Cole 2g, Paul Burns 1a
                                                                                                Ben Coulthard and Dawson Sprigings Shine in Net

Welcome Back Conor Coveney--Great to see you out there for the Bantams!!!

               Ben Coulthard makes incredible glove save

                        Ryan Cole scores from the seat of his pants

                 Mike Hawkrigg robbed by Dawson Sprigings

                                                                                                       Trinity College 4 Colby College 2

                                                                                                Brandon Cole Scores First Collegiate Goal
                                                                                                Mike Hawkrigg 2 goals Joey Horak goal
                                                                                                Jackson Brewer and Ryan Cole garner 2 assists each
                                                                                                Nathaniel "Nano" Heilbron Completes Maine Sweep in Net

    Brandon Cole's First Collegiate Goal--Congratulations Young Man!!!

                        Nano Shines in Net up North

                        Joe Horak Backhand Beauty

                                                                                                       Trinity College 5  Bowdoin College 4

                                                                                                  Sean Orlando OT Goal Ends Thriller in Maine
                                                                                                  Nathaniel Heilbron Outstanding in net for Bantams
                                                                                                                                       Ryan Cole 2g 1a Mike Hawkrigg 1g 3a

  Outstanding Freshman Ryan Cole Scores for the Bantams

       T.J. Sherman's Fan Club--"The Shermanettes" Look for Their Man

   Freshman Sensation Sean Orlando Scores OT Winner

All the pcitures from the above games--and all games this season--are or will be posted to www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterfly.com.  Burtsville is up to the Tufts Game which was the 16th game fo the year for the Bantams.  More than 30,000 pictures of the Bantams and many other fine players from teams throughout the NESCACs can be seen, downloaded, or printed from that site free of charge.  You can also order prints and other items from Shutterfly which will charge you for same.  Enjoy!

                                                                                                                                                                   February 14, 2014

                                                          HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY FROM BURTSVILLE TO ALL OF BANTAMLAND AND BEYOND

As we dig out of another of Winter's Presents, we take time to wish everyone out there a Happy Valentine's Day!!  Drive Safe today and good luck this weekend to the Trinity College Bantams!!!   Enjoy!

                   Drew & Bob Tallett

    Happy Valentine's Day to all my Bantams!!!

                  Ron & Ethan Holdaway

             Jim Kane poses with bevy of Bantam Land Beauties

           John, Mike, Will, and Sam--The Hawkrigg and Gray Boys

                    Joey, Maureen and Elizabeth Horak



                 Chris, Jimmy, & Ned Burt

                        Sue, Mike, & Mike Flynn

                        Sue, Liam & Sean McKillop

                             Rooney Family

     Barry Shea and Bubba Bookend-Chris, Timmy and AJ

                             Benny C. and Family

                              T.J. Sherman

               Ethan Holdaway and Grand Parents

                                    Elie Vered

                                                                                                                                 February 10, 2014

                                                                                         BURTSVILLE'S HOMETOWN FEATURED IN NEW ENGLAND HOCKEY JOURNAL

                                                                         LA Kings Jon Quick, Bantams Jimmy Burt and Quinnipiac Bobcats Featured

        Jimmy Burt fires shot v. Middlebury

It was a pleasant surprise this week to receive an email from a friend alerting Burtsville to the February 2014 issue of the New England Hockey Journal.  The Journal featured Hamden, Connecticut from Hamden High School Hockey's State Championships to the Quinnipiac University Bobcats' Success in the NCAA to Jonathan Quick's journey into the NHL and the USA Olympic Team.  The Bantams Jimmy Burt was featured in the article. (Story and Pictures at Pages 50 & 51of the NEHJ).

Interesting tidbit on Mr. Quick.  Years ago younger brother Joey was a defenseman for the Hamden High School Team.  At the time, Jonathan was in the minor leagues.  I can't remember the team he was on but dad Doug--who drives for a living--would drive to any and all  games that he could attend.  Doug would always check with Jonathan earlier in the day to make sure he was playing before heading off on another 5-10 hour ride to see his son play.  Doug had received news from Jon one day that he was set to start in net that evening so dad jumped in the family truck and headed 6 hours to his game.

As he got to the game, he saw his son, bags in hand heading towards the curb outside the arena.  Doug was understandablly upset as he had just driven hours to watch his son play, had confirmed he was playing that night, and now obviosly he was not.  The converstation went something like this:  "Jon, what is going on?" said a somewhat perturbed father.  "I'm not playing tonight dad," was young Jonathan's response.  "What?!  I drove all this way to see you play.  "Where's the coach?!"  Doug was beside himself.  Tired.  Mad. Upset.  Perhaps fuming.

"Dad, I'm not playing tonight," said his son.  " I just got called up to the Kings and am on my way to the airport to fly out to LA."  Daddy Doug didn't seem to mind the ride home to Hamden after hearing that! True story.  And as they say, the rest is history.

Oh by the way, you Little League coaches out there.  File this one away.  The same Doug Quick got into it once with Jon's Lillte League coach.  Jon would miss some games and practices to go to high level hockey camps during baseball season. Doug felt that the coach "punished" Jonathan by not playing him as much as other kids because of the time he missed.  Jon's coach--a well respected attorney in the state--had had enough of Doug's complaints one night and hollered back to him, "What, do you think your kid is gonna make the NHL someday?!  Give me a break!"  And, well, as they say, the rest is history.  No, Burtsville was not the coach!!!

So good luck to Jonathan Quick and to all the fine Olympic Athletes from around the world.

                              Jimmy Burt firing for the Bantams

                                                                                                                February 9, 2014

                                                                               FORMER JR. BOBCAT STAR JOSH ROBERTS SCORES HIS FIRST COLLEGIATE GOAL FOR DIVISION ONE ARMY

           Josh Roberts get congrats from Teammates at West Point
Josh Roberts one of many fine players who graced the ice for Todd Hall and the Connecticut Jr. Bobcats run by Peter Alden a few years ago scored his first collegiate goal for West Point over the weekend.  Josh, a rugged shut down forward, played his Prep Years at the prestigious Hotchkiss School, along with Chris Warner and other fine players. Congratulations to Josh.  A great kid.  A great player.  And Thank God we have people like Josh helping to defend our country.  Stay Safe young man.  Burtsville couldn't be happier for you!!!

It's a GOAL!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                                                                                      February 9, 2014   

                                                                                                   Trinity College 2    Williams College 1

                                                                                                  Sean Orlando scores Two for Bantams
                                                                                                                James McNamara Tallies for Ephs
                                                                                                  Ben Coulthard & Sean Dougherty Shine in Net

    On the bench or in the window, Coach Matt Greason has his eyes on the game

The Trinity College Bantams road the stick of freshman Sean Orlando as the young stud scored two goals to lead the home team to victory.Orlando scored a shooter's goal in the first period firing the rubber up and over the left shoulder of Williams' goalie Sean Dougherty with no room to spare.  Then midway through the third period Orlando found the right corner of the upper net turning the water bottle upside down and turning the hometown fans inside out.

             Sean Orlando fires home first goal

Orlando's goals were assisted by Mike Flynn and Liam McKillop in the first and by Mike Hawkrigg and Jackson Brewer in the third.  Both goalies were outstanding all night long as Ben Coulthard for the Bantams made 42 saves and Dougherty for the Ephs made 34.  Each made several highlight reel saves as these two teams battled hard against one another much in the same manner as they did at the Frozen Fenway game which Williams won 4-2.  But it sure was warmer tonight as anyone who was at Fenway will attest.

               James McNamara scores for Williams College

         Craig Kitto fires one on net--Goal?  No Goal?

                  Criag says YES Ref waves NO

Williams got a goal midway through the second period to tie the game on a shot by James McNamara.  It was assisted by George Hunkele.  The game stayed tied thanks to the acrobatic and workman-like saves of both netminders until Orlando fired home his water bottle winner.  Craig Kitto appeard to have tied the game late in the third on a rocket of a shot but the referee indicated that it hit the post and did not go in the net. Burtsville had the camera focused on the shooter and didn't see the puck but it sure did add another level of drama to this wonderful rivalry that has seen two outstanding games this season.

     Sean Orlando (hidden by D) lets go with Bottle Shot

             Bottle pops up off the net as puck rips cords

Bottle goes upside down as Orlando scores Game Winner

All of the pictures from this game will be posted at www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterfly.com.  And all of the pictures taken by Burtsville and Rob "Bubba" Lebel from the Frozen Fenway game are already on that site including some 3,000 game pictures of both teams. Those pictures as well as all of the more than 25,000 pictures taken so far this year are or will be posted to that site.  Anyone can view, download, or print any picture they want free of charge or order prints and other items through Shutterfly for a cost that goes entirely to Shutterfly.

                         I didn't like the water in that bottle anyway!!!

                      It's All About TEAM--Way to go Bantams!!!

Bantam Boys--Great weekend.  You played hard all weekend.  You played two great teams.  And you earned two key wins.  Keep it up.  You are doing what you need to do and just keep working hard and believing in yourself and each other.  You are all contributing and doing what each of you needs to do to make the team successful.  Work hard.  Play hard.  Believe.  Have FUN!  Burtsville Believes!  Oh Burtsville Believes!!!!

                                                                                                                      February 8, 2014          

                                                                                                       Trinity College 5      Middlebury College 3 
                                                                            Mike Hawkrigg scores beauty as 2 goals and assist lead Bantams                                         
                                                                                                             Jackson Brewer 1g 2a  Liam McKillop & Joe Horak Tally
                                                                                         Mike Flynn 2a, Elie Vered & Sean Orlando 1a,
                                                                                         and Cole Brothers 1a each assist Bantams' victory
                                                                                   Evan Neugold, John Barr & Ron Fishman score for Middlebury

              Mike Hawkrigg tucks in a beauty

Mike Hawkrigg started the scoring with a quick snap shot assisted by Jackson Brewer and Sean Orlando at the 10:57 mark of the first.  He then ended the scoring on a beautiful break-in from the blue line as Middlebury had rallied in the third to put the game away at the 7:27 mark of the third.  This goal was assisted by Jackson and Elie Vered.

Middlebury fought back as is the way for this team and all of hte NESCAC teams.  They had fallen behind as Jackson Brewer added to Hawkrigg's first period tally assisted by 'Riggy and Captain Mike Flynn.  It gave the Bantams a 2-0 lead heading into the second period.  Evan Neugold--another fine Connecticut product in the NESCAC league and one of the smoothest skating forwards you'll ever see lace them up--scored to make it a 2-1 game early in the second.  He was assisted by Ben Wiggins and Brendan McGovern.

             Even Neugold--Panthers' Goal!

                     John Barr scores a beauty

                 Ron Fishman fires one home

Joe "The St. Louis Express" then scored a hard-earned goal assisted by Flynn and Ben Hjalmarsson to make it 3-1.  Horak picked good timing for his score as his beautiful mother Maureen and beautiful sister Elizabeth were in from the mid-west to catch him play.  And play he did.  Horak scored while being banged and held by a defenseman behind him and being  sandwiched by the goalie.  The "SLE" took the punishment while holding out his stick and spanking home the prettiest ugliest goal one has seen in awhile.  Way to go Joe!

And then the Bantams scored another hard earned goal as Ryan Cole took the puck and found brother Brandon on the right side of the ice.  Brandon carried the puck just inside the boards being riden and banged the entire way by fine defense but the kid from Anchorage held onto the puck and stayed on his skates until he was met below the net by a bevy of Middlebury hosts who finally knocked the hard-playing freshman off his feet but not off the puck.  The kid somehow found a way to push the puck out to linemate Liam "Skip" McKillop and while the Burtsville lens was still following the hard-charging younger Cole brother to the ice, the kid from Manhattan picked up the puck and buried it into the net.

This was a family friendly goal as the Cole Boys hooked up for their first mutual points together and while Burtsville was slow at the draw in catching McKillop's goal it recovered in time to catch the multi-talented junior giving a nod to mom and dad who were tucked in the corner watching one of their pride and joys.  Bantams up 4-1.  Game in hand at the 14:57 mark of the second.  I think NOT said the hard playing and talented Middlebury sqaud!

Middlebury came out flying in the third.  Ben Coulthard was standing on his head as he was pummelled with shot after shot in the home team net.  John Barr got the visitors on the board assisted by Matt Silcoff and Tom Freyre.  Freyre--a former star at New Canaan High School--had an outstanding game for the Panthers.  He is one of the finest two-way defensemen who play the game in this part of the country.  Burtsville is sure the Panthers will miss his multi-dimensional game next season. And just a few minutes after Barr's goal,Ron Fishman silenced the home town fans scoring a goal making it a 4-3 game at the 6:32 mark.  He was assisted  by Zach Haggerty and Jake Charles.

               Jackson Brewer knees one home

                   Joey Horak Sandwich--Goal!!!

          Liam McKillop gives nod & smile to mom and dad

Enter Mr. John Michael Hawkrigg.  'Riggy (37 pts.) has been cooking this season along with linemates Jackson Brewer (39 pts.) and freshman Sean Orlando (29 pts.).  These three players have amassed 105 points for the Bantams. Fellow freshman Ryan Cole has also contributed mightily to the team's scoring total with 35 points.  Mike Flynn, Sean McKillop, Ben Hjalmarsson, Elie Vered, Jimmy Burt, and T.J. Sherman round out the top ten scorers on the team followed closely by Timmy Shea, Ethan Holdaway, Will Gray and Paul Burns.  Hawkrigg received a fine feed from Elie Vered who had received a pass from Jackson Brewer which sent 'Riggy in alone on the Panthers goal keeper,

He deked left, right, and left again with hands as quick and fast as Billy the Kid before lifting a beautiful back hander into the net to put the Bantams up 5-3 at the 7:27 mark fo the third and taking an edge off the Panthers rally.  Middlebury was not done yet as the kids from up north kept skating hard and peppering Benny "The C" Coulthard right to the very end of a hard fought back and forth hockey game.

The Bantams play Williams tomorrow evening in a rematch of both teams Frozen Fenway experience.

                                                                                                                                                             February 5, 2014

                                                                             BURTSVILLE PICTURE GALLERY

         Mary helps college roomie care for those beautiful twins

                                            Paul & Mike

                    Whitney & friends watch game

                                        Jimmy Burt

                             Captain Michael Flynn

       Greg Rooney--nice to see you back Greg!

                                         Drew Tallett

                                Captain Will "Billy G." Gray

                      Liam "Skip" McKillop


                                            Timmy Shea

                              Ben Hjalmarsson

                                T.J. Sherman

                                                                                                                                                          February 2, 2014

                                                                                                                    TRINITY COLLEGE 7      HAMILTON COLLEGE 1

                                                Liam McKillop leads Bantams with 3 assists,TJ Sherman scores, Mike Flynn has a goal and assist
                                                Sean Orlando 2a, Mike Hawkrigg 1g,1a, Jackson Brewer 1g, 2a, Elie Vered, Ben Hjalmarsson,
                                                                                                         & Greg Rooney 1 assist each
                                                      Ryan Cole (2) and Timmy Shea score goals for Bantams, Brandon Cole gets first college point 1a

The Trinity College Bantams bounced back from a tough loss last night to beat the Hamiton Continentals 7-1.  Bantam goalie Ben Coulthard had 30 saves in helping to lead the Bantams to a great bounce back victory.  Mike Hawkrigg put the team up in the first on a hard wrist shot assisted by Brewer and Orlando.  Brewer then scored an excuse me goal to start the second as the puck hit his stick mid way up the shaft and fluttered into the net behind a stunned Hamilton goalie.  Truth be told, Jack was just as stunned.  And so was mom.

    T.J. Sherman contorts body after slamming one home!!

                           Timmy Shea celebrates beauty!

    Ryan Cole hammers one to the back of the twine!

Mike DiMare then scored on a beautiful slap shot assisted by Robbie Murden for Hamilton.  DiMare and Pat Curtis had particularly fine games for the Continentals as did defenseman Brian Ferrell.  The floodgates opened after the DiMare goal for the Bantams and they poured in five consecutive goals including two by defensemen, T.J. Sherman and Mike Flynn.  Apologies go out to Captain Flynn and Ryan Cole (2 goals) as Burtsville missed capturing their goals (I got one Ryan!). Now Captain Flynn is even with Captain Gray for goals missed by Burtsville!!!!

Mike DeMare fires it home!  Catch the sequence on Shutterfly Site Mike!

The Bantams played strong all game long and shook off the effects of a tough loss just hours before.  Just another plus in this exciting season for the Trinity College Men's Hockey Team.  The NESCAC regular season race is tightening with many teams still in the mix.  The level of play, style of play and game-in, game-out performances by all the teams is a credit to the league, the member schools and their coaches and players.  What a conference!!!

All of the pictures taken at the games will be uploaded to www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterflycom.  Enjoy!

                                                                                                                                                     February 1, 2014

                                                                                      AMHERST COLLEGE 3  TRINITY COLLEGE 2

The fans were treated to NESCAC hockey at its' best Saturday evening as the Amherst College Lord Jeffs defeated the hometown Bantams 3-2 in a fast paced game.  The boys on the ice gave their all on both sides of the ice.  Hard hitting, fine penalty killing, thrilling saves, and even a controversial goal--oops--no goal call filled this exciting game of hockey.  And if you were planted where Burtsville was, one has to tip his cap to goalie Dave Cunningham of Amherst who not only shut down the high scoring Bantam offense but effectively shut out the crowd behind him which was seranding him all game long with a chorus their mother's would not have appreciated.

Stick, legs and arms--I'll save the glove for later!

Ryan Edwards scored late in the first period for the Lord Jeffs to make it a 1-0 game.  He was assisted by Elliot Bostrom.  Ryan Cole tied it up for the Bantams in the second on a fine feed from Liam "Skip" McKillop.  A few minutes later Andrew Kurlandski put the visitors back up 2-1 with hard working assists going to Edwards and Bostrom. And this was shortly followed by Mike Hawkrigg's game tying goal assisted by Cole and Jackson Brewer.

 And on the first shift after the Bantams had killed off a 5 on 3 Power Play for over a full minute, Lord Jeffs' Erik Hansen came swooping in on Bantam netminder, Ben Coulthard, and scored the game winner unassisted at the 14:50 mark of the third.

          Ryan Edwards bangs one home

                  Andy Kurlandski scores

        Erik Hansen nets Game Winning Goal

The Lord Jeffs had bested the Bantams earlier in the season on home ice. They came south to the Williams Rink and won a thrilling game against one of the strongest teams in the country.  Well Done.

          Ryan Cole lightning quick hands--Goal!

                  OOOPS!  Ck out goalie glove.  He's got it!

      Mike Hawkrigg gets ready to let fly with a beauty

The Bantams got a great visit from down under--Texas that is--from Sam Johnson's dad Bob and his brother Nick.  Hope you boys had a good time while you were here.  It was nice to meet you both.  And bad news comes to the Bantam Team.  Paul Burns and his dad, Paul, have believe it or not, become discovered through the exposure they have received in Burtsville.  Paul will be leaving the team so that he and dad can puruse the first ever father-son modeling team for Speedo Swim Wear. Their new line of PPB briefs should be out in the spring. Good Luck to them both.

New Speedo Father-Son Modeling Team Paul & Paul Burns--Good Luck!

All the pictures taken at games can be seen at www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterfly.com.  Burtsville is presently still uploading pictures from the Becker game and will continue to go in order throughtout the season.  Anyone who has viewed the Frozen Fenway Pictures on that site please be avised that a misplaced folder of pictures of the boys on the ice in the morning has been found and uploaded out of order.  Enjoy!

      Nick, Bob & Sam Johnson--Hope you had a nice visit!

          Bantams Battle to the end--way to compete boys!!!

            Julia & Mike--Thanks for all you do!

                                                                                                                                            January 26, 2014

                                                                                                                   Trinity College 5    Tufts University 2

                                                                              Larry Bero Lights the Lamp to lead Trinity College Bantams to Victory

                                                        Mike Hawkrigg nets two goals, Ben Hjalmarsson and Jimmy Burt also score for the Bantams

Larry Bero lets it rip and scores for the Trinity College Bantams

The Trinity College Bantams kept rolling along with a strong win over Tufts at the Valley Forum Rink Sunday evening.  The Jumbos played hard and gave the Bantams a tough game but Benny Coulthard came up big on a couple of short-handed break-ins and the Bantam offense continued to role in this 5-2 victory.

Tufts goalie, Greg Jackson, played a strong game for the home team stopping 26 shots.  Captain Blake Edwards had two assists for the Jumbos, Stewart Bell had an assist and Andy White and Keith Campbell tallied for the Tufts squad.  George Pantazopoulos also had a strong game for the home team.

       George Pantazopoulos is robbed by Ben Coulthard

                 Jumbos celebrate goal by Keith Campbell

        Tufts University Squad Ready to start the game

The Bantams have been getting scoring from all of its' lines.  Last night Mike Hawkrigg scored two goals and had an assist, JImmy Burt had a goal and an assist, and Ben Hjalmarsson had a goal assisted by Timmy Shea.  Drew Tallett got things going on Ben's goal making a beautiful pass off the glass to Timmy Shea who fed Burt who fed Hjalmarsson who found the back of the net.  Hawkrigg got assists last night on his two goals from Joe Horak and Will Gray who were flying all night long and from linemate Sean Orlando who keeps playing hard both ways while producing big numbers for the Bantam squad.  Tallett, along with fellow defenseman Paul Burns (who also had an assist on Hawkrigg's second goal) keep playing solid defense while adding offense to their all around solid play.

                                  Jimmy Burt lets it rip--Goal

                            Mike Hawkrigg--Goal

                             Ben H. fires it home--Goal

Hjalmarsson, Shea and Burt had a big weekend as their line produced three goals and three assists; Liam "Skip" McKillop had an outstanding weekend along with linemates Ryan Cole and Ethan Holdaway with a goal and two assists; Elie Vered, Joey Horak, and Will Gray were all over the ice tallying two assists; and Jackson Brewer, Hawkrigg and Orlando produced four goals and four assists.  Bottom Line is the Nationally Ranked Bantams are getting production from every offensive line.

The defense?  You lose a player of Greg Rooney's talent level and you feel it.  You feel it bad.  The kid has so much talent that it would be hard to describe in words.  He is one of the finest skaters in the conference, plays a solid two-way game, and is another fine teammate which defines this Matt Greason led Bantam squad.  So who comes in for Rooney?  How about another of those fine teammates; namely, senior Larry Bero.  And what does Mr. Bero do on a night mom and dad are in attendance?  Why he pours in the first goal of the evening on a hard shot let go at top speed.  Shot.  Score!!!!

        Larry Bero with parents Larry & Kathy--Way to go Larry!!!!

              Hingham Pride--Tara, Tom and Conor Coveney

Faculty Advisor Dr. Lisa-Anne Foster with Alum at game

MIke Flynn keeps playing the type of two-way defense that warrants All-American attention, T.J. Sherman and Sam Johnson are good and keep getting better each and every game.  Hard to believe they are freshman.  Brandon Cole had another fine game on Saturday, Brian Sachs is finally practicing after recovering from an injury, Sam Kane is also out injured along with hard hitting and hard skating Conor Coveney who is badly missed by the team.  Will Sleeper, another outstanding freshman, provides additional depth to the solid Bantam squad.

       Beautiful Brewer Cousins--Go Brewer Nation!!!

                                Sam, Sam & Katie

                          Beautiful Sisters

Great weekend boys.  Nice to get back to school and get into a regular routine.  Solid road victories.  Contributions from all.  Keep up the fine work.  Keep working hard.  Keep working to improve.  Strive for Greatness.  Where you are is wonderful.  Where you are going is better.  The way to get there is to keep working hard, keep playing as a team, adn believe in yourselves and each other.  Magic can happen.  Don't wait for it to arrive.  Grasp it.  Dream about it.  Go for it.  Lock It In.  You have a special moment coming your way.  Think about it.  Envision it.  Go for it.  Burtsville Believes!  Oh Burtsville Believes!!!

      Welcome back Jack Murphy--& his favorite Uncle

                  Focus and Talent--Ck out those faces

                Ben, Larry & Jimmy--Where's Riggy?

All of the pictures taken at this and all other games are or will be posted at www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterfly.com.  Enjoy!

                      Husband with Beautiful Wife!!!!!

                                                                                                                                                                    January 25, 2014

                                                                                      Trinity College 4 Connecticut College 3

                                                                         Overtime Thriller Ends with Four Seconds left on Clock
                                                                         Mike Flynn Wrist Shot Deflects Off Sean Orlando Leg for Game Winner
                                                                         Orlando nets two, Ethan Holdaway and Timmy Shea score for Bantams
                                                                                    Mike Petchonka stops 31 shots for Camels
                                                                        Tim DiPretoro, JC Cangelosi, and Mike Sinsigalli score for home team

                                                                             ALL GAME PICTURES WERE TAKEN IN BLACK AND WHITE  

It was a packed house at the Dayton Arena Saturday night.  Snow, sleet and cold could not dampen the spirit of those in attendance who witnessed a Nutmeg State NESCAC battle between two game squads.  The Hartford Based Trinity College Bantams used the long leg of freshman Sean Orlando and the wily shot of Captain Mike Flynn to deflect the crowds' enthusiam and come away with a thrilling victory as Overtime ended.  The Camels gave the Bantams all they could handle on the lovely campus of Conn College.

   Mike Flynn fires Game Winning Shot towards net

     Sean Orlando (right) celbrates Game Winner

               Bantam Team Celebrates OT Victory

Conn. College got the scoring going on a beautiful play by Tim DiPretoro who came rushing in on Bantam goalie Ben Coulthard and scored a beautiful goal to put the hometeam up early in the contest.  It was an unassisted goal.  It was one of three goals the Camels had on the night.  The second coming midway through the second on a flurry infront of the net which ended with JC Cangelosi banged in a rebound.  It was assisted by Joe giordano and Adam Rimmer.  Conn College's goalie, Mike Petchonka was brilliant all night stopping 31 of the Bantam 35 shots on net.

        Tim DiPretoro scores a beauty for Conn College

             JC Cangelosi & Mates celebrate his goal

          Mike Petchonka takes a well deserved drink

All night long the teams battled back and forth.  The Bantams went up 3-1 and had all the momentum but the Camels came roaring back to knot the game at 3-3.  Fine passing was abundant on many of the scoring plays as is attested to in the following pictures.

Will Leedy (assist) drops a nice, soft backhand pass to Mike S.

Mike Sinsigalli snaps a beauty to tie up the game late in the 3rd

       Conn College Players celebrate tying goal

And the Bantams had some fine passing of their own led by Jackson Brewer who had assists on the winning goal and on Sean Orlando's first goal which was also assisted by Mike Hawkrigg.  Liam McKillop and Ryan Cole had assists on Ethan Holdaway's first period goal while Jimmy Burt and T.J. Sherman picked up helpers on Timmy Shea's third period one-timer.

Liam M. (leg to right) feeds beauty head man pass to Ryan

    Freshman to Freshman Lightening-Ryan Cole to Ethan H.

                        Ethan Holdaway rams it home

  Charlie Hawkrigg's brother fires it towards the net

       Sean tips in pass/shot by Mike "Riggy" Hawkrigg

Sean Orlando, Jack Brewer and Mike Hawkrigg celebrate Sean's goal

    Jimmy Burt to Timmy Shea--two games in a row

                         Timmy Shea lets it rip

          Timmy Shea celebrates one-timer beauty

 The Bantams travel to Malden, Mass. tomorrow to play Tufts University at 4:00 P.M.  All the pictures taken at this game and all the games will be posted on www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterfly.com.  We go in the order of games and will be uploading pictures almost daily from now until the end of the season.


                     The Point--Captain Michael Flynn

                   The Wave--Captain Will "Billy G." Gray

                     The Man--Ben Coulthard

                                                                                                                                                    January 18, 2014

                                          JACKSON BREWER NAMED NESCAC PLAYER OF THE WEEK

Jackson makes beautiful feed to Elie Vered

Jackson Brewer had 3 goals and 6 assists in three games last week to garner the Player of the Week Award.  He is such an outstanding player and totally unselfish.  At Middlebury he was perched on one side of an empty goal mouth and simply passed the puck to linemate Sean Orlando on the opposite side for the goal.  An easy lay-up passed up by one of the finest players in the country.  Congratulations to Jack and to the entire Brewer Family.  Well done!  Well deserved!!!

                                                    TRINITY BANTAMS DROP FROZEN FENWAY GAME
                                          COUNT VICTORIES OVER MIDDLEBURY, BECKER, BOWDOIN AND COLBY

                                                       ETHAN HOLDAWAY SCORES FIRST COLLEGIATE GOAL
                                                           RYAN COLE SCORES HAT TRICK VERSUS COLBY

     Ryan and Brandon Cole looking good at Fenway

                                                 Liam McKillop, Mike Hawkrigg, Will Gray, Sean Orlando, Elie Vered,
                                                           Jimmy Burt and Timmy Shea all score for the Bantams

Fenway Magic for NESCAC Player of the Week--Jack B.

It has been a busy two weeks with the Bantams dropping a tough one to 5th Ranked Williams College at the Frozen Fenway Adventure.  Then onto Middlebury for an impressive victory followed up the next day with a hard fought win over Becker in Marlborough.  It seemed like in no time the kids were lacing them up again to play Maine Power Houses Bowdoin and Colby this past weekend.  Two more NESCAC victories and the Trinity College Bantams are finding themselves playing outstanding hockey and getting contributions from the entire squad.

                              Gramma and Mike

                     Steve, Laura, Bud and T.J.

                Renee, Sue,Chris, Chris and Cyndi

Congratulations to Brandon Cole and Will Sleeper who hit the varsity ice for the first time in the Bantams win over Becker.  It certainly appeared that Brandon scored a goal late in the game but it was waived off by the referee who said the net was knocked off before the puck went in the net.  Will Sleeper was full of energy and was banging bodies around and got off a couple of shots in his debut game.  Well done gentlemen!

              Larry Bero--Ready for Action

  Ethan Holdaway (at left) follows through to the twines

         Jimmy Burt rifles one home in Marlborough

And it was so nice to see Larry Bero hit the ice for the first time this season.  Larry is the type of teammate anyone would love to have on their team.  He plays a hard nosed game and filled in very well for Greg Rooney.  Well done Larry!

                       Will Sleeper

                                Nathaniel "Nano" Heilbron

                                  Brandon Cole

And congratulations to Ethan Holdaway who scored his first collegiate goal against Becker!  Way to go Ethan!  The first of many to come.  The team's "little brother" was mobbed by his happy teammates after the hard working winger fired it home.  And to top off the weekend, Captain Will "Billy G." Gray lit the lamp for the first time this season on a beautiful shot that was so fast Burtsville couldn't even catch it on camera!  Way to go Will.  At Press Time Burtsville was in hiding as Will's dad Sam has hired some people to investigate the No Photo Goal Caper!

      Charmer lets it rip through traffic

         Nothing to it, right Elie?  Goal for Mr. Vered

           Jack Brewer Snaps it Home

Mike Hawkrigg fires home a Jack B. pass

Instant Replay.  That's What I need--Sean O. Fenway Goal

I missed Timmy Shea's Goal too!  Sorry Timmy!

So much has happened over the past two weeks: Charlie Hawkrigg got loose and ended up on the Bowdoin Bench (Charlie's a dog for those less informed); Jackson Brewer was named NESCAC Player of the Week--Congratulations Jack!!!--Ryan Cole scored a Hat Trick against Colby--Congratulations Ryan; Sean Orlando, Mike Hawkrigg, and Elie Vered stayed hot with multiple goals; Timmy Shea and Jimmy Burt scored and played well; and Liam "Skip" McKillop scored a beauty in Middlebury stealing the puck and breaking in on the goalie to score; and the kid played outstanding this past weekend under difficult circumstances that has Burtsville and the Trinity College Hockey community thinking and praying for the entire family; the defense was outstanding led by Mike Flynn, Drew Tallett, Paul Burns, Larry Bero, and the two stud freshman, T.J. Sherman and Sam Johnson; the the boys in net, Ben Coulthard and Nano Heilbron just keep giving the Bantams outstanding play between the pipes.  Joey Horak continues his high energy game and Ben Hjalmarsson plays an aggressive and talented game as a converted forward.

                 Captains Meet at Frozen Fenway

           Ryan Cole caps off Hat Trick Night!  Congrats Ryan!!!

     Liam "Skip" McKillop scores beauty at Middlebury

                      Sam Johnson marks his man          

                         Paul Burns checks his man

                     Benny Coulthard stops his man.

All in all it was a fun and busy two weeks.  The Sherman Family and Orlando families were in town along with the Flynn family.  The DiCenso's and others came to visit and it is always good to see the Alum at the games.  The pictures in this compilation article are in no specific order.  It has been a crazy two weeks of snapping photos, uploading them (Burtsville just completed the WNEC Game Photos so it will be awhile before all the photos from the games get up on the Shutterfly Site), editing, etc. Hopefully, no more make-up games will be needed so that we can all get back into a regular rythm.  Enjoy!!!

           Drew: Can you believe he missed my goal?!

            Will Gray lets it snap at Middlebury

             Hello Mr. Burt?  Where were you???

Ray Zeek--Walls, nets, opponents--the kid will run into anything for his team

  Mr. Parker robs Mr. Brewer last evening!  Great Save Kid!!!

              Dave K. and friends at Colby Game

The team is coming into the meat of its' NESCAC schedule.  There will be plenty of challenges ahead.  This past weekend the team played two very strong teams and came out on top.  Some guys were dinged up and played through pain.  It shows character and desire.  This team has a lot of character and desire.  It  also has talent and that "compete" factor you need to be a champion.  You guys have it.  Trust it.  Believe in it.  Keep working on it.  Strive to be better.  Strive to be the best you can be.  A Wonder awaits.  Burtsville can see it.  Burtsville Believes it.  Burtsville Believes!  Oh Burtsville Believes!!!

                                        The Boys

                                        The Girls

                                    The Bubba

                        Sophomores at Fenway Park

       Frozen Fenway Trinity College Bantam Hockey Team

                                 Juniors at Fenway Park

                                Julia & Ali--Trainers Supreme!!!

    Coaches at Fenway Park: Paul D., Matt G., & Peter R.

                    Mother & Son--It doesn't get any better!!!

                  Burtsville took over 3,000 pictures at Fenway.    We have just begun posting them.  It will take at least a week for them to get  up on the Shutterfly Site.  All game photos following the Fenway Game will be posted in the order of the games.  No doubt we'll be posting pictures practically daily for the rest of the season.  All pictures can be seen at www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterfly.com.     If we can obtain information on how to post the off  ice video clips on this site, we will.  If not, we may post on You Tube and list the site on Burtsville at a later date.  Enjoy!                                                                                                                      

                    Mike Flynn lets go wtih a shot up north

      Fenway brought out the smiles in the AM for Jim Burt and Mates

                           Nano with friends--Sam & Paul

   It was snowing inside Friday evening for Benny C. v. Bowdoin

   Karen and Rich Orlando join Gille and Susan Vered after Colby game

                    Joey Horak keeps on flying for the Bantams

 Sometimes you don't always get the seat you want but you make do with what you have.

Gee Whiz Dad, The seat on the bench was a lot easier on my paws. Ruff! Ruff!!

(photo courtesy of mommy Hawkrigg)                                                                                                                

                                                                                                        January 4, 2014          

                                                                 TRINITY COLLEGE 10  WESTERN NEW ENGLAND 1

                                                     GREG ROONEY SCORES FIRST CAREER GOAL, JACKSON BREWER TIPS HIS HAT
                                                                LIAM "SKIP" MCKILLOP SCORES FIRST GOAL AS BANTAM
                                                           JIMMY BURT LIGHTS THE LAMP TO START THE NEW YEAR                                                                      
                                                                              RYAN COLE (5PTS), MIKE HAWKRIGG (4 PTS)
                                                                  MIKE FLYNN, ETHAN HOLDAWAY TWO HELPERS EACH
                                                               BEN COULTHARD AND NANO HEILBRON SPARKLING IN NET
                                                       MICHAEL DARRAR SCORES GOAL FOR WNEC ASSIST TO JOHN KELLY
                                                         TIM CARR MAKES ASTONISHING 31 SAVES FOR GOLDEN BEARS
Happy New Year Bantam Land!  A tough and talented Western New England Squad ran into a buzz saw last night as the Trinity College Bantams could do no wrong.  Led by outstanding junior Jackson Brewer's Hat Trick the Bantams scored one goal after another despite an outstanding performance between the pipes by Tim Carr for the Golden Bears.  Carr game into the game cold after starter Eric Sorenson was injured.  The Pine Bush, New York junior stopped 31 shots many of which were labeled for the back of the net.

Great job young man!  And while we're at it, let's give kudos to the WNEC Coaching Staff and Players.  Every team has a game during the season when it becomes lopsided.  Sometimes those types of games can get chippy.  The WNEC crew just kept playing clean and hard all game long and they all are to be commended for the way they handled a tough game. The Golden Bears are a talented team that can include Manhattanville among its' victories and Burstville is sure they will bounce back from this game to have a fine, successful season.

And, let's face it, they have the most talented trainer in the Baystate hailing from Bloomfield, CT.  The talented, intelligent, and beautiful Megan Barry.  'Tis one of the wonderful things about sports.  You meet nice people everywhere you go.  And whether your kid is on the ice playing or you are here to watch a friend and/or former teammate--or watching your daughter with a rightful pride and joy seeing your child to what he or she loves to do you have to take a step back from the game itself and just think about how wonderful life is to us all.  So to the Barry Family--It was a pleasure.  Congratulations Megan.  Keep up the fine work.

       Coach questions scrum goal in first period

    Megan with brother Patrick and folks Bob & Jennifer

          Mike Darra fires home a beauty--Goal!!!

While it was great to see Brewer put up a Hat Trick, and to see McKillop and Burt get on the board, let's take a special moment to congratulate Greg Rooney on his first career goal as a Bantam.  Here is a kid who plays solid defense game in and game out, is one of the finest skaters in the league, and helps make break out plays that gets the offense going.  It was wonderful to see such a nice kid score a goal. Way to go Greg!

Greg Rooney infront of goalie scores---GOAL!!!!

You think Jackson knew something before the game?

 Maybe I did know something before the game.....

Liam "Skip" McKillop has been getting close for the Bantams.  The Junior transfer has been flying since the start of the season and tonight was his night to get rewarded.  It was so good to see the relief and joy on his face after knocking home an in-close goal on a beautiful rush.  Skip was joined on the scoreboard with his good buddy, Jimmy Burt, who has been flying as well since coming back from injuries.  Burt came streaking down the right side on a two on one with Captain Will "Billy G" Gray who fed Burt with a perfect pass which the big winger buried into the back of the net.


I got the best seat in the house mom! Skip---Goal!!!!!

                       Jimmy Burt fires it home for the Bantams!

                               Thanks Captain!

Gray's pass is just one of many the Bantam Team has dished out over the year to each other. The unselfish play and genuine happiness for others playing well and/or scoring is quickly becomming a trademark of the team and the Program. The Bantams dished out twenty assists last night on their ten goals.  It bodes well for the Bantam future.  Kudos to Coach Matt Greason and Assistant Coaches, Peter Roundy and Paul Davidson for instilling such unselfish play.

Ryan Cole put up four assists and scored another goal as his fine freshman season continues.  T.J. Sherman had another outstanding game on defense as did Paul Burns and Captain Mike Flynn who added two assists to his scoring totals for the year.  Drew Tallett keeps playing as well as anyone in the league and Sam Johnson adds strength and grit to the defensive corps.  And the boys between the pipes--Ben Coulthard and Nathaniel "Nano" Heilbron-- are simply outstanding.

                 Ben ready at the net

               Ben Game Face all game long

                               Ben with the leg save

And when Ben sat down for a rest in the third period, all Coach Matt Greason had was his outstanding sophomore netminder out of West Vancouver British Columbia, Nathaniel "Nano" Heilbron.  Heilbron made the best save of the game stoning a WNEC forward soon after the period started.  See the puck in the air after this incredible save.

       Nano slides over to meet the shooter

          Lightening Quick Glove/Arm Save by Nano

Puck batted away in the air by incredible arm save

Timmy Shea had another all around great game.  Joe Horak was buzzing all over the ice and was rewarded with two assists.  Elie Vered kept on scoring with an assist and a pretty move through three defenders before being robbed by Carr by an outstanding save.  Vered, Burt, and Gray along with their opposite line all made their way into the Penalty Box--at the same time--after a scrum infront of the WNEC net.  It looked as if the Hanson Brothers had put on Bantam and Golden Bear Jerseys for those two minutes of rest time for the boys!

"Why not Timmy Shea?!," was the comment by Rob "Bubba" Lebel when his favorite Bantam player put one home to cap off the evening scoring for the home team.  Shea just keeps on moving all game long, is one of the conferences best penalty killers and is an ineffectious teammate ready to do what is necessary for the good of the team.  Way to go Timothy!

                         Timmy Shea scores!!!!!

Sean Orlando gets credit for this goal--T.J. was close...

   Ryan Cole fires it home on nice pass from McKillop

Sean Orlando was all over the ice again for the hometeam.  The fine skating freshman banged one home in tight along with T.J. Sherman to keep up his torrid scoring.  Ethan Holdaway--another marvelous freshman for the Bantams--tallied two assists while almost netting his first goal of the year.  It was his best game as a Bantam and this former multiple All-State star out of Glastonbury High is soon to break out and have a major impact on the Trinity College Team's fortunes.  Sammy Kane had another fine hustling game for the hometeam squad.

     Ethan Holdaway--on the verge of a big breakout

Jackson Brewer fires home Hat Trick Goal on fine feed from 'Riggy

If Liam thinks he has a good seat, he should see mine!!

It was nice to see the Horak Family and the Cole Family and all the other Bantam Family Members including Liam's brother Seamus and Nicole.  And how many players get to see their family's picture right after scoring their first goal for their college team!  So enjoy it Skip.  A very happy day for so many in Burtsville.  Nicole and Seamus have invited the entire team over to their apartment for New Year's Eve 2015!!!  Thanks guys!!!

    Maureen, Elizabeth, Ron & Thomas Horak

       Susan, Nicole, Seamus and Sean--Way to go Liam!!!!

Lauren, Brandon and Sherry Cole--all the way from Anchorage

File this game away boys.  You have put together two solid efforts against quality opponents.  These games are a good indication of what you can do and what you can accomplish.  Set the bar high.  Believe in yourselves.  Reach for the stars.  Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it all.  And remember, tomorrow is promised to no one so give your all each and every day. Believe in yourselves and Believe in each other. Burtsville Believes.  Oh Burtsville Believes!

And if you don't think life can change in an instant, let me share with you a little story.  For years now I have come into the office--usually on Sunday mornings just like today--to do this labor of love I call Burtsville.  Down to Whitney Avenue in Hamden in a town I grew up in and love.  Two and a half miles of road I know oh so well.  Today, I almost didn't make it.  As I was heading down Whitney Avenue not a mile from my house a guy ran a Stop Sign.  He was on me before I knew it.  I never thought this would happen to me.  I always tell others to live each moment to the fullest but I never in my life thought that I would be the one faced with such a sudden and unexpected situation.

The guy was in a big white van. He clearly looked past me.  He was already into my lane as I put on the brakes and swerved to my right to avoid him.  Problem was I was headed right towards a big oak tree at the corner.  I have heard the phrase "My life passed before my very eyes" and I assure you this thought crossed my mind in however many brief seconds I had to think about it.  I cut back to the left and slammed into a snow mound.  It was the most beautiful landing I had ever made into a snow mound--and I wasn't even on a sled.

I stopped for a moment.  Turned to my left and smiled--yes, I smiled--at the guy who almost just ended it all for me.  I backed up, rolled down my window, and as he was saying "I'm sorry" I was saying "Nice NOT bumping into you and Happy New Year" as I continued down Whitney Avenue shaking.  So, don't get cheated kids.  Give your all all the time.  This is a special time for you.  This is a special season for you.  Burtsville can sense great things happening.  Believe it.  Why not you?  Why not the Bantams?  Why not the Trinity College Hockey Team?

Burtsville Believes!  Oh Burtsville Believes!!!!

                 Mike Hawkrigg skates away after goal

You didn't really think I was going to forget about you did you John Michael?


Burtsville will upload all the pictures taken at the WNEC Game to www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterfly.com.  Remember, the MORE LINKS site on the College Hockey Page links you directly into Burtsville and this Shutterfly Site.  Enjoy!

                                                                                                                                   January 3, 2014      


                                                             JORDAN SO LEADS CIHL IN SCORING

Jordan So--Bantam to Intrnl'Star

Jordan So is lighting it up on the CIHL League in Hong Kong.  The former Bantam Star (Class of 2013) is living the dream working and playing in Hong Kong.  Jordan is the star player for the South China Sharks and leads the entire league in scoring.  Way to go Jordan!  According to Jordan's dad, Gordon, he is one of many former Trinity College Alum living and working in Hong Kong.  And Jordan is loving it there.  There was a Trinity College get together recently and we're sure many of his fellow Bantam Alum are happy to see him doing so well for the Sharks.

Burtsville tips its' cap to Jordan and wishes him continued success.  Perhaps some fellow Bantam Players may follow his lead in years to come.  Burtsville is happy to hear about our Alum and write something up on all the fine kids who have gone through the Bantam Program.  Just email us any news at ned@burtlaw.us.

Happy New Year to all of you and your families.  Hope you all are doing well.  It is great to see some of you at the games!!!

            Jordan So & Family--minus beautiful sisters

         Jordan So pours another one in for the Bantams

            Jordan So--Intensity--Desire--Effort--Talent

                                                                                                                                            January 3, 2014


                                                                                                                                           January 2, 2014

                                                                                 BANTAMS READY FOR FENWAY PARK SPECIAL

The Trinity College Bantams take on Williams College Tuesday, January 7, 2014 outdoors at historic Fenway Park.  The game begins at 7:30 P.M.  Dress warm!  Bob abd Cyndi Tallett are once again hosting a Pre-Game Party for the Trinity College Family.  Gay Gray has sent out the fliers.  Please let her know if you are coming.

Rob "Bubba" Lebel and I have been given the Green Light to follow the team from Locker Room to Rink and Back.  We will do our best to document this historic event for the entire college, team, coaches, players, parents, and fans.  Enjoy and dress warm!

From Farm Neck to Fenway Park--Play Hard and Have Fun!!!!!

No truth to the rumor that Barry Shea took this picture!

                                                                                                                                                 January 1, 2014

                                                                                     HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!

                                               Here's wishing you all a safe, peaceful and prosperoous New Year.  Let there be Peace on Earth!

                                                                                                            December 25, 2013

                                                                           MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL FROM BURTSVILLE!!!!

                                                                                                           December 14, 2013

                                                                         NEWTOWN TRAGEDY REMEMBERED

Burtsville pays its' utmost respect to all those people impacted by the tragedy in Newtown.  The article that follows is reprinted from last year's edition of this site.   It is the hope of Burtsville that all the prayers and thoughts from those around the world have helped to provide whatever comfort they can to all those impacted by the events of that horrific day one year ago today.  Our thoughts, prayers, and love go out to you all.

                                                                                                           December 16, 2012


Hamden, Connecticut, the USA and the World mourn for you all

It is with an enormously heavy heart that Burtsville writes today.  Simple words on a page cannot express what we all feel for our brothers and sisters in the beautiful little town of Newtown which at this moment are experiencing the most horrific of feelings.  It is our small hope that all of our thoughts and prayers will bring them some small source of comfort and support at this most painful time of sorrow.

I journeyed to Bassett Park this morning in Hamden.  Bassett Park brings back so many good memories to me as a child and as a parent.  It is a field made up of baseball and softball fields, playgrounds for humans and a park for our dogs.  I took our five year old golden retriever Lucy with her beloved tennis balls.  And I threw the balls and as she chased them I cried.  Tears just streaming down my cheek as I imagined all the little kids from my hometown filling each field with love, fun and joy.  I have seen this scene many times in my life and my thoughts just shifted to all those wonderful moments lost tragically on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School

                    Bassett Park

I thought of the many good times I have had playing at Bassett Field with my friends who I still have to this day and the joy I had coaching our two boys and daughter and so many other Hamden children at this lovely park.  I looked to Larry's Playground and thought of all the fine people who came together to help raise funds and who physically helped to build that beautiful additon to this great piece of property.  I am proud to say I was one of those people.  And then I cried some more.

I cried because I realized that where I was standing--at Bassett Park--at my Bassett Field-- and I was looking at life at its' best and at it's worst in a place that I love in a town that I love.

As I looked around this great field I remembered the day my friend Larry Biller was murdered.  Simply sitting in his office after having left his beautiful wife and three little girls all under the age of ten at the time and shot dead in a senselss murder in an office building at the corner of Dixwell Avenune and Putnam Avenue in Hamden.  A simple goodbye in the morning and off to work never to come home.  One can't imagine what all these poor souls in Newtown and beyond are going through having brought their little bundles of joy to their Elementary School only to be alerted shortly thereafter of this unspeakable tragedy.

I remember how Larry's family and friends and community suffered and mourned and have never forgotten his senseless murder.  And then I flashed quickly back to the tragedy unfolding now and I cried some more.  

                     Larry's Playground

Senseless.  Unexplainable.  Terror.  Evil.  Tragic.  An event so horrific one cannot even imagine the impact on all those affected by this awful event.  And I am afraid the impact will never go away.  They say time heals.  I pray to God it does.

I got the ball back from Lucy and threw it again.  I thought how lucky my wife and I have been in raising our three children.  I thought of how lucky so many around us have been in raising healthy children and seeing school plays and ball games and graduations, weddings and grandchildren.  And my heart and soul just pours out to those who lost loved ones and to those who have been more directly impacted than we can imagine by the events that unfolded on Friday, December 14, 2012.

I thought of my good friend John Kennedy. John went to his almost 5 year old grandchild's Holiday Play Friday morning.  He watched his grandchild perform along with his lovely wife Sandy and his son and daughter-in-law.  I can only imagine the sheer joy they all had in watching the little ones perform.  And then they heard the news of Newtown.  No words can express the thoughts that seared through his mind.

There is a tree at Bassett Field.  It is dedicated to my friends Bob and Helen Hall's daughter, Leah Gabrielle Hall.  Leah was a promising freshman--14 years old--at Sacred Heart Academy in Hamden not three months into her high school career--when a drunk driver stole the rest of her life from her, from her parents, from her brothers and sisters and family and friends.  It was a life well lived but one cut way too short.  I remember the pain that day.  I remember heading over to the Hall House not five hours after the collission with our good friend Joe Barbiero.  I will never forget the sight of my dear friend Bob Hall laying on the couch in his living room clutching a framed picture of his beloved Leah and just crying so much tears no longer came down his cheeks.  We cried with him.

   Leah Gabrielle Hall Tree at Bassett Park

And then I just kept on crying.   We all have cried and will cry some more for you Newtown. Everyone.  Your family, your closest friends and all of us who have never met you.  We are all crying for you and praying for you.  Know that.  I pray to God that somehow all these prayers and feelings bring you some source of comfort and peace.  We ache for you.  From the core.  We all ache for you.  May the knowledge that we all care help in some small way.

I looked around  Bassett Park.  Perhaps a glimmer into life at its' best and at its' worst.  Memories that span the range from untold feats of accomplishment and happiness to the reality of bitter, ultimate pain associated with lives lost far too early.  It was cold this morning when I was at Bassett.  It was overcast and had a bit of dampness in the air.  I looked to the American Flag just outside of center field at Bassett #1.  It was laying still at half mast.  And I just stared at it longinly wondering if this was all just one bad dream.  One terrible nightmare of nightmares that in no one's world can be true.

And then I looked at the plaque at the Flag Pole.  I knew it was no more of a dream than what is written on that plaque.  Another reminder of a life taken way too soon.  It is a plaque dedicated to the bravest of the brave--one of Hamden's all time best athletes--PFC Edward K. Duel.  Eddie was a fantastic athlete--especially in baseball--he was born October 3, 1948.  He died in action fighting for our freedom in Vietnam as a member of the First Air Cavalry on October 21, 1968.  A hero to us all.  Another life cut way too short.

                 PFC Edward K. Duel

Plaques, Playgrounds, Flag Poles and Trees.  It is not right.  Yet, for those who lost loved ones on Friday please know that we will never forget.  We will never forget the joy they all brought each and every one of you.  Whether you lost one of the brave teachers or prinicpal or other brave adults whose actions no doubt saved many other lives, or you lost the most precious of our society in losing one of the joys of your life  that a young child brings to every parent and family member and beyond---a loss that no one who has not experienced such horror can relate to what you are going through and most certainly we know we cannot fathom the depth of your pain and sorrow--we just hope that you know that we--all of us--will never forget.

They all will be Forever Young.

                    Forever Young 
c. Burtsville 2012

Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Why are they forever young,
Oh Lord, Oh Lord, Why are they forever young.

The peace of the morning,
A chill in the air,
No worries, no troubles,
Not nearly a care.

Then daylight turned to darkness, 
in the morn of the day,
Oh Lord, Oh my Lord,
Why can't they stay.

Why can't they stay Lord,
They're young, bright and sweet,
Now the hereafter is again where we'll meet.

Now darkness abounds,
in our lovely town,
my world feels so empty,
it's been turned upside down.

Moments of peace,
have been shattered this day,
Why Oh  My Lord,
Why can't they stay.

They're forever young,
taken so fast,
My pain is aching,
how long will it last.

We'll mourn them for sure,
but this much I'll say,
They'll be with us forever,
forever this day.

They're forever young, 
precious, innocent and sweet,
and one day again,
for sure we'll meet.

We'll meet and we'll hug,
'til then we'll think of you dear,
Our thoughts and our prayers,
will always keep you near.

You are forever young,
though I wish you were here,
Knowing that's true,
brings me some comfort, my sweet little dear.

So Lord, please help me,
I need more than most know,
This Oh My Lord is an unspeakable, totally senseless blow.

Please send me a sign,
Let us know our loved ones are all right,
And please keep them close,
each and every night.

Forever young,
Taken so fast,
Please Lord help us,
this pain cannot last.

Forever young,
None of us will ever forget,
And to all of you mourning,
We send the deepest of sympathies and sincerest regrets.

We also send love,
hope that's for sure,
And pray that your strength and faith,
will help you endure.

Please take our strength,
however you can,
Our strength, faith and love,
to all of you we send.

We pray for your lost loved ones,
And we pray for faith and strength to help get you through,
And we pray for all those in Newtown,
who helped--and are helping-- all of you.

The World's thoughts and prayers are with you,
From every country, faith and tongue,
We will never forget them all,
Forever Young.

We will never forget them all,
They will be,
Forever Young.

With the utmost respect and the deepest of sympathies Burtsville list the names of those lost as reported on the Connecticut State Police website:

Charlotte Bacon 6, Daniel Barden 7, Rachel Davino 29, Olivia Engel 6, Josephine Gay 7, Ana M. Marquez-Greene 6, Dylan Hockley 6,
Dawn Hocksprung 47, Madeline F. Hsu 6, Catherine V. Hubbard 6, Chase Kowalski 7, Jesse Lewis 6, James Mattioli 6, Mary Sherlach 56, Victoria Soto 27, Benjamin Wheeler 6, Allison Wyatt 6, Grace McDonnell 7, Anne Marie Murphy 52, Emilie Parker 6, Jack Pinto 6,
Noah Pozner 6, Caroline Previdi 6, Jessica Rekos 6, Avielle Richman 6, and Lauren Russeau 30.

May the strength of the Almighty Lord give you all peace and comfort.  Our sadness and sorrow go out to you all.  Amen.

                                                                                                       December 7, 2013

                                                                             TRINITY COLLEGE 6  MANHATTANVILLE COLLEGE 3

                                                                             SEAN ORLANDO SCORES TWO, ELIE VERED AND MIKE FLYNN TALLY
                                                                             BENNY COULTHARD SOLID IN NET, RYAN COLE GETS TWO HELPERS
                                                                                               JIMMY BURT BACK ON THE ICE FOR TRINITY

                   John Michael Hawkrigg celebrates Hat Trick

Mike Hawkrigg followed up his Player of the Week Honors with a Hat Trick at the Terry Connors Rink Saturday evening against ECAC Powerhouse Manhattanville College.  The sophomore out of Toronto scored with both feet on the ground, with both feet in the air, and with his body twisting this way and that.  He was assisted twice by Sean Orlando who had a five point night scoring two goals to go along with three assists.  Way to go 'Riggy and Sean!

             Mike Hawkrigg lights the lamp again!!!

    Mike Flynn fires it home after brilliant feed from behind the net from Sean O.

     I thought I'd shoot this one in myself--Sean Orlando's Empty Netter
Elie Vered kept up his torrid scoring getting the visitors out front early with a Power Play goal.  He was assisted by Mike Flynn and Ben Hjalmarsson.  Liam "Skip" McKillop and Jimmy Burt set up a road block infront of the net leaving the crafty centerman from Ontario a clean lane to shoot at the net.  Vered--a smooth skating lefty--doesn't need much of a lane with his eyes and hands and the puck tickled the twine at the 10:36 mark of the first period.  Manhattanville fought back though and took the lead 2-1 in the second on goals by Luc Van Natter (assisted by Anton Racklin and Craig Simchuk) and they got a goal from Simchuk assisted by Anthony Luzzi and J.P. Witkop.

                  Elie Vered celebrates PP Goal!!!  Way to go Elie!!!

                     Ben Coulthard takes a well deserved water break

                         Adam Platt and Anthony Luzzi battled all  night

Luzzi and fellow freshmen, Adam Platt and Phil Dinner, had outstanding games for the Valiants.  Dinner is a big, strong defenseman who can skate and shoot.  Platt doesn't stop moving and he and Luzzi have "controlled grit" to their games complementing their fine skating ability.  Luzzi's assist on Simchuk's goal was set up by his own hard play in the corner to keep the puck in the offensive zone and he let go with a hard shot that Simchuk got his stick on for the goal.  The future looks promising for the Valiants with these three fine freshmen players.  Dinner along with Mark Rivera picked up assists on Louie Balzano's goal in the third period.  Balzano was another one of the fine Valiant players that never stopped moving and competing all game long.

                                Luc Van Natter beauty.  Goal!!!

                     Anthony Luzzi in the middle of it all night long

                     Phil Dinner after letting go with a rocket slap shot

The Bantam Power Play was cooking with fine play up top by Ryan Cole, Greg Rooney and Mike Flynn among others.  The teams' Penalty Killing Unit was superb again led by Timmy Shea, Will Gray, Jackson Brewer, Drew Tallett, Paul Burns, T.J. Sherman and Sam Kane.  Tallett is one of the unheralded stalwarts of the Bantam defense always in the right place at the right time making the right play.  Sherman is a developing freshman who sees the ice well and also possesses a powerful shot.  He along with fellow freshman defenseman, Sam Johnson, have added depth and talent to a strong defensive corp led by Flynn, Rooney, Burns and Tallett.  And let's not forget Larry Bero who is a talented, strong defender out of Foxboro, Mass.

There is no doubt that this was the Bantams best game of the year.  The team forechecked, scored, and played strong defense.  The effort put forth by this talented group only bodes well for the New Year.  And the hustle shown by all is best illustrated by the Seat of the Pants shot by Liam "Skip" McKillop and the brilliant Short Handed attempt by Timmy "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" Shea. 

                          Liam "Skip" McKillop--Great Effort Young Man!!!

                          Timmy Shea Short-Handed Shot--Almost Home on Incredible SH Shift and Shot!

McKillop was getting dragged down and still got off a great shot.  Shea seemed like he had control of the puck for half the Power Play as he followed up his near miss with holding off several Manhattanville players behind the net with the puck against the boards.  Well done Boys!

The team looked alive and well from the very first shift to the last.  Burnsie, Tallett and crew led a strong defensive effort.  Ryan Cole had another outstanding all around game.  Jackson Brewer continues to do all the little things in addition to scoring and Mike Hawkrigg continued his torrid scoring while Sean Orlando is forging his own legend before our very eyes.  Joey Horak had another high energy game, Sammy Kane was hustling all over the ice and Ben Coulthard was dancing in his crease making saves in all styles of fashion.

                               We look Good!

                                                                     We look Better!

                                                       I look the Best!

And truth be told, wasn't it good to see big Jimmy Burt back on the ice for the Trinity College Bantams.  Jimmy brings a certain presence to the game and team and his hustling ways and hard play is ineffectious to all those around him.  It was personally great to see him back on the ice playing a game he loves and Burtsville appreciates all the kind comments from everyone about how good it was to see him back playing for the team..  Now let's get Conor Coveney healthy and playing again and here's to Mike Ciotti wishing him nothing but the best and a full recovery from his oft-injured frame.  Don't know whether Mike will be able to play again next year but it sure would be good to see him in his Trinity colors playing the game he loves.

                                   Greg Rooney Lets it Rip

                                                           Welcome Back Jimmy Burt

                                      T.J. Sherman Fires Away

Burtsville had the opportunity to speak to Mike earlier in the season. He is such a fine young man whose college career has been marred with one injury after another. It is a shame and we wish him nothing but the best.  And the same goes for Conor Coveney.  The kid has had a string of bad luck with the injury bug and his hustle, presence, hard hitting and talent are sorely missed.  Keep the chins up boys.  You are good men and just like with Jimmy you will process this difficult life lesson of dealing with adversity and turn it into a positive.  Burtsville is sure of that.

It seems like every game you meet someone who you've known through your hockey days and others who you meet for the first time.  It is great to see old friends and to meet new ones.  So, to Dan Dinner--it was wonderful to see you again my friend.  I hope that our paths cross more often.  Your son played a great game and I know the future is bright for him.  And to the beautiful and personable Manhattanville trainers, managers and announcer. Thank you for being so courteous to an old man with a camera down on your end of the ice.  I wish you Happy and Safe Holidays.  It was a pleasure meeting you all.

                            Manhattanville Beauties!!!

                          Drew Tallett--Ready to Go!

                                        Paul Burns loosens up before the game

And to Captain Zach, Captain Mike, Mike D. and the other alum who showed up at the game some of whom are pictured above and below, it was fantastic to see you guys.  We are all glad you came and are very happy you all are doing so well.  Keep up the fine work and give our best to your parents and families.

          Bob Tallett with talented Alum

And next time you visit your son, take a ride to Park Road in West Hartford.  There sits the Quaker Diner.  Older than dirt, finer than most and a menu and atmosphere second to none.  Burtsville had an enjoyable breakfast lunch with Jimmy, Nano and Skip there last week.  Why they even serve Coach Roundy's favorite--Mapo!

                   The Quaker Diner

                                                I Want My Mapo!!!!

Trinity College Beauties--Brooke & Shelby!  Go Bantam WHOK!!!

Burtsville took over 4,000 pictures at this game.  Many are already uploaded to www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterfly.com.  All of them will be on that site by the end of next week.



                                                                                                        December 5, 2013


Burtsville was unable to make it to this game but by all reports Trinity's Nano Heilbron and Stonehill's Chris Tasiopoulos put on a goalie clinic  for the ages.  Tasiopoulos turned away 40 Bantam shots and Heilbron knocked down 30 Stonehill darts in this 2-0 barnburner that included a game ending empty netter.  Richard Harris scored the game winner wtih an assist going to Robbie Dorgan.  Anthoney D"Elia ended it with an empty netter.

Nano has started the last three games and he turned in outstanding performances in each one.  The Bantams are blessed with outstanding goal tending from Kevin Green, Nano, and last year's NESCAC first teamer, Ben Coulthard.  Benny will be back in net for the Manhattanville game which will be the last game before the break.

                         I see you over there my man!!!

                  I'm Waiting on you Kid.  Give it your best shot!

                                     Are you ready to be Nano-ized?!

                                                                                                      December 5, 2013

                                                            NELSON MANDELA MOVES ON HOME

The world lost a great man on this day.  President Nelson Mandela breathed his last and journeyed home to Heaven.  It is a place he has been in for a long time.  God's Speed to a great leader who used his wisdom, love and knowledge to bring people to a better place.  And in this sports world of ours, used the sport of soccer to unite the races of South Africa.  Burtsville tips its' cap to you Nelson Mandela and sends its' thougths and prayers to your family, friends and nation.  Thank you for all you have done.

                                                                                                                                                        December 3, 2013


Congratulations to sophomore Mike Hawkrigg who was named Player of the Week in the NESCAC Conference today.  The Hawk amassed seven points with six assists and a game winning goal against Wentworth on Sunday.  Congratulations to the young man from up north and congratulations to the entire Hawkrigg family. 

         This one's for you Grandpa Hawk!  Keep getting better!

                                                                                                               December 2, 2013    


                                    Vered, Brewer & Orlando Light the Lamp Twice, Joe Horak Gets on the Board   
                                    Mike Hawkrigg nets Game Winner Sunday along with handful of Weekend Assists     

The Trinity College Bantams won two hard fought games this past weekend versus Salve Regina (6-3) and Wentworth College (4-3) on the strength of clutch goaltending by the Vancouver Ram--Nano Heilbron.  Nano picked up his new nickname after yesterday's rugged game against a hard driving, big Wentworth squad.  The Bantams founght back with three unanswered goals to win the game on a Mike Hawkrigg beauty with little time left in the third period.

Hawkrigg has been dishing out assists by the fistfull to his more than ready linemates.  This time the rugged winger from Ontario crept in and let go with one of the hardest shots on the east coast to lead the Bantams to a 4-3 win.  The Wentworth squad was as tough as they come and did everything they could to upset the home team Bantams on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. They scored heading into Heilbron and they scored soaring over him.  And between times they simply smiled at the rough stuff down low.


            Nano reaches from knees to poke at Big Seric K.

      Mike Cox Shot trickles up and over and in--Goal!

          Was I suppose to feel that? says Smiling Seric K.

While Wentworth kept on playing hard and taking a 3-1 lead  late into the second, Elie Vered stayed hot for the Bantams scoring his second goal of the weekend.  Vered, the smooth skating sophomore, scored on a hard wrist shot which has become his signature shot early in the season.  He was assisted by Liam McKillop and Mike Flynn.  Wentworth had gone up 3-1 on the strength of goals by Sean McLaughlin (A-Lawton Mottiqua & Jake Flynn) and Andrew Yarber (A-Joe Mottiqua & Mike Domsodi).   Jordan Bourgonje & Mick Bruce picked up helpers on the Cox goal.

Joe Horak got on the board for the Bantams with his first goal of the season.  It was assisted by Jackson Brewer and Mike Hawkrigg.  Then Hawkrigg won it at the 18:21 mark assisted by Brewer and TJ Sherman.  This win capped off a 2-0 weekend for the Bantams and brought their season record to 5-1.

               Joe Horak fires and scores

           Nano gets a little help from his friends

                       Mike Hawkrigg Wins it!

It's always nice to have a coaching staff that knows there is more to life than hockey, even in the middle of a tight game.  While Paul Burns, Drew Tallett, Greg Rooney, Sam Johnson, T.J. Sherman and Mike Flynn were sacrificing their bodies on defense, Coach Greason took some time out to speak to Capt. Will Gray,  Liam McKillop, Timmy Shea and Sam Kane about the offense.  But in a touching moment captured by the Burtsville lens, Coach Greason saved a soft spot for his multi-talented winger, Jackson Brewer.  Truth be Told, it almost brought those of us who witnessed it to tears.

Brew Take it Easy.  We all have bad hair days--even me!

                We do too Jackson. (Not really!)

        We don't believe in bad hair days--ever!!!

So, while the Bantams won a tight one Sunday afternoon, it sure wasn't as easy as the score may seem to indicate against a determined Salve Regina team on Saturday.  Elie Vered got the Bantams started on a ripper assisted by Mike Flynn and Ben Hjarlmarsson.  Salve tied it up quickly on a beauty by Cameron Gaudet assisted by Mike Naso and Lucas Sousa.  Then Ryan Cole (A- Hawkrigg and Brewer) put the Trinity squad up 2-1 as the period ended.

   Elie Vered lights the lamp for the Bantams!

   Nano makes huge save on Breakaway Shot!!!

                Ryan Cole lights the lamp--again!

Salve Regina kept skating and one can see that they are an up and coming squad.  The kids from Newport kept fighting all the way to the end and scored some hard earned goals throughout the contest.   No doubt John Scorcia is on the board for the prettiest goal of the year by a Bantam opponent thus far.

                       Mike Naso fires home a hard wrist shot

John Scorcia flies through the air after depositing puck in the net!

It was a fun weekend with tight games and hard play.  Mike Hawkrigg had four assists in the SR game.  Jackson Brewer--Bad Hair Day and all--had two goals and two assists and Ryan Cole added two helpers to go along with his goal.  Just seems like we may be missing someone.  Oh yes, here he is. Another one of those freshmen phenoms that is tearing it up for the Bantams.  Hello, my name is

                              Sean Orlando

and I really like it here at Trinity College.  Two more goals against Salve Regina, another against Wentworth and along with Ryan Cole and the play of fellow freshmen Brandon Cole, Ethan Holdaway, Sam Johnson, and T.J. Sherman the Bantams look deeper and better than ever.  Keep it up Sean!!!!

And Thursday the hope is that another freshman, Will Sleeper, and sophomore Jimmy Burt will be ready for action for the Trinity College Men's Hockey Team.

Keep up the fine work boys.  Keep playing hard.  Keep playing one game at a time.  Burtsville thinks that's about it, what say you Brew and Charmer?

We'd say that's

                                        The Long and..............................

..........................................The Short of It!

It'll take about one week but all the pictures taken at the above two games (over 2,000) will be posted at www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterfly.com.  Enjoy from Burtsville!!!


                                                                                            November 28, 2013


                                    FRESHMEN LEAD BANTAMS TO EARLY SEASON 3-1 START
                                  Old Man Ben Coulthard, Mike Hawkrigg, Jackson Brewer and Mike Flynn Back to Old Tricks

The Trinity College Bantams started their season off right with three wins in their first four games.  Trinity beat a hard hitting Conn College squad 3-1 to start the year and followed that up with a hard fought 5-2 win over Tufts.  A trip to the Minuteman State brought a 3-1 defeat at Amherst followed up by a snowy 4-2 win at Hamilton.

Conn College got the jump on Trintiy in its' opening game as the hard working tandem of Tim DiPretoro (G) and JC Cangelosi (A) started the scoring early in the first period.  Trinity answered in the second on a goal by Sam Kane assisted by Ben "Charmer" Hjalmarsson.  Charmer has been skating in the front court due to several Bantam injuries and the Swede has done a Sweet job playing alongside the ever hustling Kane and Energizer Bunny, Tim Shea.

JC Cangelosi scored a beauty for Conn College in the second to put the Camels up 2-1.  It was assisted by Eric Naclerio.

                   JC Cangelosi Scores a Beauty

Charlie Mullan & Mike Ciotti entertain the Menard Boys

         Jake & Heidi Heilbron come for a visit

Freshman defenseman T.J. Sherman  got his first collegiate goal knotting the game up with a little under two minutes to go in the second period.  It was assisted by Jackson Brewer and Mike Hawkrigg.  Might as well invite The Hawk over for Thanksgiving Dinner as the kid from up north is dishing the rubber all around to his teammates.  Burtsville is sure he'd serve up a fine heaping of food at a Thanksgivng feast.  And no more thankful is Burtsville than to know that Mike's beloved grandpa is doing well after major surgery recently.

The game went back and forth in the Third until Captain Mike Flynn took a shot from the Right Point that deflected in off a Camel Defender through a maze of players to put the home team up for good.  The game winner was assisted by Conor Coveney and Sean Orlando.  Coveney, a hard playing right wing and a valuable part of the fabric of the Bantam Team inside the locker room and out, was badly injured the week following this game at practice.  His status is unknown at this time and Burtsville wishes Conor and his family only the best.      

                        " BENNY THE C"  SKILL

                     MENARD & HAWKRIGG  FORTUNE

                        BUBBA-LICIOUS LUCK
Freshman Ryan Cole added an empy netter at the end of this very tight game despite the final score.

Next up was Tufts.  An unfortunate injury early in the game to their starting goalie marred the beginning of the contest. Burtsville spoke to the young Brian Phillips after the game while he hobbled along on a set of crutches.  Here's wishing you a full and speedy recovery Brian from Burtsville.

Jackson Brewer should know better.  At the advanced age of 58, Burtsville just doesn't move as quickly as he once did.  So scoring a goal 8 seconds into the contest just simply didn't allow Burtsville enough time to get set up and snap the picture of this beauty.  It was assisted by Sam Johnson another one of the Bantam youngsters who are very important to the team this season.

Stewart Bell answered the call for the Tufts team tying the game mid way through the period assisted by Andrew White.  The Bantams answered when the pride of Ottawa, Elie Vered, ripped one over the left shoulder of the goalie to put the home team in front at the end of the first period 2-1.  Vered's goal was assisted by the human fire plug, Joe Horak. Horak never stops moving, hits like a tank, and has hands as soft as the feathers on a swifter.

Hanson Brother Hair Boys celebrate Brewer Goal!

         Elie Vered #18 watches puck go in the net

That's our boy!  Susan & Gillie see Elie's Goal--Yes!

Andrew White scored assisted by Matt Pugh and George Pantazopoulos (along with Hjalmarsson this name has to go down as one of Burtsville's all time favorites!) Pantazopoulos then scored a goal assisted by Keith Campbell and Luke Griffin to put Tufts up 3-2 midway through the third period.  Mike Hawkrigg then ripped one into the net on a 5 on 3 Power Play to tie the game up.  He was assisted by the tenacious Ryan Cole who never stops working on the ice.

The Bantams tout one of the best goalies in the country in Ben Coulthard.  Based on his early season play there is no reason not to believe that he could in fact contend for Player of the Year.  Ben's play has been consistenly outstanding and along with equally talented goalie, Nathaniel "Nano" Heilbron, the Bantams are deep in net.  There is no reason to believe that if these two play to their capabilties along with multi talented Kevin Green, that the Bantams should compete for a national title.

Ryan Kellenberger makes outstanding save

Mike Hawrigg scores a ripper!

Benny The C does what Benny does best--Save!

Ryan Kellenberger got the call to play between the twines after Brian Philips was injured.  All this kid did was make one outstanding save after another recording an astonishing 43 saves in his NESCAC debut.  Way to go Ryan!  Well done!

The Bantams have been moving the puck well early in the season.  No play demonstrated that better than the last goal of this game when Jackson Brewer sent a nice pass to Mike Hawkrigg who danced up the right side of the ice while his dance partner, Ryan Cole, did the Cha-Cha-Cha up the left side.  Hawkrigg drew the defensemen towards him and made a beauty of a pass to Cole who buried the puck in the net to ice the game.  The freshman then did a sit down Salsa up the home team boards that needs some work to make it onto Dancing with the Stars.  Assists went to Brewer and Hawkrigg and cemented the victory for the home team.

Liam "Skip" McKillop out of Hunter College High School in New York almost walked away from the first four games with a pocket full of goals.  Skip and Captain Will "Billy G." Gray both just missed on several opportunities and you know these two gifted players will light the lamp soon for the Bantams.

Ryan Cole scores on beautiful feed from Mike Hawkrigg

Burtsville didn't make it up north to Amherst and Hamilton this past weekend.  The Amherst game saw Sean Orlando score his first collegiate goal assisted by Paul Burns and Captain Will Gray.  The Hamilton game  saw freshman Sean Orlando (G) and Ryan Cole (A) hook up in the second period.  Then Ben Hjalmarsson scored on a beautiful wrist shot assisted by another freshman, Brandon Cole and Mike Flynn.  Orlando scored again assisted by Will Gray.  And just so his brother didn't get bragging rights for the game, Ryan Cole scored assisted by his new best friends, Mike Hawkrigg and Jackson Brewer to cap off the 4-2 victory.  A great way to end the weekend after a loss on Saturday and a long ride up to cold and snowy Hamilton.

Robbie Murden unasssisted and Mike DiMare (G) assisted by Kenny Mathreson and Conor Lamberti scored for the Colonials.

The Bantams will go into holiday break soon but still have several games to play before the break.  It was really nice to see freshman Ethan Holdaway hit the ice for the Bantams.  This former All-State Star at Glastonbury High School and outstanding player at Westminster has recovered from an early injury and will add spark and grit to the Bantam line-up.  And heard down the hallway was little Jimmy Burt who soon will hit the ice again for the Matt Greason Squad after recovering from yet another Bantam injury.  Burt will add size and grit to the Hartford team's lineup and it will be good to see two former Connecticut Public High School standouts playing for this Connecticut based collegiate team.  And let's not forget another outstanding freshman, Will Sleeper, who will also be hitting the ice out of Wellesley, Mass.  The former Noble & Greenough star should add another strong forward to the Bantam squad.

And while we have mentioned Coach Greason, let us not forget to congratulate the Coach and his lovely bride, Mary Catherine, who walked down the aisle in August.  Congratulations to you both!

                     Barry Shea and the Boys

Remember, all the pictures taken at games and other events by Burtsville and Rob "Bubba" Lebel will be available at www.trinitycollegepictures.shutterfly.com.  You can download or print any picture free of charge. Just open up the individual picture you want to print or download to do so.  You can follow the prompts on the page or right click on your mouse and follow the prompts from there.  Or you can order items through Shutterfly which will charge you for prints, books, mugs, etc.  All pictures from last year are on this site and all stories from last year are on the TC1 Page of Burtsville.

Neither of these sites are official sites of Trinity College or Trinity College Hockey.  This site is being kept as it always has been kept.  It is dedicated to giving our young athletes--at Trinity College and at all their opponent schools--as much positive publicity as can be generated for them.  I hope that you enjoy reading the stories and viewing the pictures as I have in doing this labor of love.

Smiles Say It All--Happy Thanksgiving to the Bride & Groom

And to Mike Ciotti, Conor Coveney, my kid, and the others throughout the team and league who have suffered injuries over the past season or seasons, Burtsville sends its' best to you and your families.  Hockey is a wonderful sport.  Like so many other sports it teaches you great life lessons.  It is not easy to have something taken away from you--short term or long term--as the result of an injury.  I am not about to sugar coat that for a moment.  But I am equally as certain--especially after my insightful chat with the ever grounded and intelligent Mike Ciotti--that you guys will process all of this in a positive way and will be better for it.

And to the Trinity College Bantam Team, let me say this:  Burtsville Believes!  Raise the Bar High.  Shoot for the Stars.  A Championship is something dear to behold.  You can do it!  You can accomplish what others may doubt.  Not I.  Play Hard and Have Fun!  What the Mind of Man Can Conceive and Believe The Mind of Man Can Achieve Through a Positive Mental Attitude!  Burtsville Believes!  Oh Burtsville Believes!!!

 And a Burtsville Happy Thanksgiving to all!  And in Burtsville style this initial edition of the 2013-2014 Burtville Edition has come to an end.

                    THE END!!!

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